Finally! Soon it will be officially accepted to use the pronoun HEN when the gender of the person we are talking about it unknown or irrelevant. This way we will be able to avoid assumptions that perpetuate norm and structures that blind our possibilities! Check out this article written by QUARTZ that talks about it.

¿Soy guapa o fea?

¿Habéis visto la ultima tendencia en Youtube en la que adolescentes expresan sus dudas sobre su belleza? ¿De dónde viene esto? ¿Hasta que punto es su responsabilidad y hasta que punto es la nuestra? Puedes encontrar mi articulo al respecto picando aquí  ¿Soy guapa o fea? O en el apartado de Pages.

Am I pretty or ugly?

Have you seen one of the last trends on Youtube where young girls show their doubts about their beauty? Where does this come from?  How much is their responsibility and how much is our responsibility? You can read what I found out in the article called Am I pretty or ugly under Publications.