Finally! Soon it will be officially accepted to use the pronoun HEN when the gender of the person we are talking about it unknown or irrelevant. This way we will be able to avoid assumptions that perpetuate norm and structures that blind our possibilities! Check out this article written by QUARTZ that talks about it.


Well, little by little the rights of women reach more places. I’m glad to hear that Chile is getting more open minded and respectful towards women. The fact that Chile’s President Bachelet proposes end to total abortion ban is worth sharing and celebrating! Psst! click on the link to read the article!

Gamla mönster!

Now I have posted an article that Maria Honak and Me wrote last November. It is called Gamla Mönster!, what in Swedish means Old patterns. It compares the different understandings of gender and gender equality according to six different professionals. Once more, it is only in Swedish, but soon comes the Spanish and English version!