Hulk should help me carry the groceries

When the superhero project started in our group, this was our first position:

Superheroes have difficulties dealing with their agressivity, and they should learn to talk about their problems in order to find a reasonable solution.  So this was our point,  that The Hulk should just become a helpful person and in this way he would be a superhero for real..

But is that realistic? Don’t we all need some kind of safe context to take the aggressivity out? What about  screaming? Don’t we all need to do these things every once in a while to be able to come back to our lives? Some think that a snowfight could be a good idea, others like to have a pillow fight. Others like to play or watch sports  and others surely find other unexpected ways to express themselves.

Our concern came when children in our group played superheroes and started to fight in the school garden in the context of the game. Our concern was that children would identify with these characters to the point that they would think that problems can be solved with agressivity. But maybe, as long as we help them humanize these heroes, maybe if we help them understand the difference between fiction and reality we can let them experience this agressivity that is natural in all of us. If we cannot experience it, how can we understand it?

A 4year old girl in the group explained that hulk is a normal person that puts on makeup to go working and make movies in which he has to fight. After work he has a normal life. Makes sense?




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