Environmental Super Heroes!

So.. how did the Superheroes Project develop?

We have started to create our own Superheroes which nowadays take care of the environment.

It all started when we watched this video…

The kids got very angry at the rest of the humans and decided to take action. One of them suggested to go on a trip and pick up all the garbage we find so that the animals that live around our school don’t eat it and get sick, so we got in touch with Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden clean) and started our own recycling station to classify all the garbage we find. Check it out!

2015-03-17 17.32.12


So far the kids are really motivated to find garbage, but also to find “weird garbage” so that we can fill the boxes that are still empty.

On top of all this, the kids that want to have drawn themselves as Superheroes. So far we haven’t given them a personality (besides their environmental side) but soon will be the right time to talk about their qualities and superpowers. To do that, we have been talking about a great Superhero called Super Lola (created by La Señora Malilla) who wants to save the world and make it a better place. But what are the qualities a super hero must have to deserve that status? We will see!

Wanna see how some of these Superheroes look like?

2015-03-17 17.31.15    2015-03-17 17.31.22

2015-03-17 17.31.31    2015-03-17 17.31.38


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